The psychological research community defines optimistic people as those who stay motivated even when things don’t go well and believe that effort will improve the future. Optimism is a character trait that manifests in many aspect of life but in competitive or challenging environments; it is a must.

Optimistic people are able to dis-regard setbacks and never catastrophize a situation. They understand setbacks are a natural aspect of any challenging undertaking. Most importantly, they make an adjustment to their preparation, reflect on past performances and dedicate themselves to change. They deeply believe setbacks are temporary and they seek out opportunities to change the circumstance through effort and new strategies.

As we rapidly progress thorough the fall semester and with the Thanksgiving break beginning in a few days, it is an opportune time for our students to pause and reflect on their school life. The rich academic and co-curricular life of a San Diego Jewish Academy student is full of challenges, explorations and purpose. As in any endeavor worth undertaking there will be stumbles and successes but maintaining an optimistic outlook will best position students to be successful in reaching their potential.

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