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The Mystery of the Missing Eggs

By: Gabrielle Scott and Ariana Jinich

For the past few weeks the chickens have stopped laying eggs. The question is, why? Could it be Daylight Savings and lack of light? Could it be that some chickens don’t get along with others? Here are some thoughts on why our chickens have stopped laying eggs. Daylight Savings has come around and this could be causing the lack of eggs because chickens need at least 14 hours of light. In San Diego, there is only about 11 hours of light each day so we need to find a way to give the chickens more light. Weather could also be causing our loss of eggs. Chickens do better when the weather is not so hot. In the mornings, which is when the chickens lay their eggs, it is now warmer than it used to be because of the time change and it getting light earlier. Furthermore, the heat makes it harder for the chickens to lay their eggs. Though Daylight Savings is one theory, another theory is the competition between chickens. Competition causes stress, unhappiness, and lack of protein because they won’t eat as much food.  All of these are possibilities for why our chickens have suddenly stopped laying eggs. The mystery still lives on, though we are on the case working hard every single day. Will the eggs ever return?

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