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Mission Innovation: Upcoming Catapult Challenge!

Mission Innovation: Upcoming Catapult Challenge!

By Irene Lerner

2019-2020 season of Mission Innovation is in full swing. As usual the competition includes three different challenges: Quick Fire Challenge, Engineering Challenge, and Deconstruction Challenge. Along with 10 teams of SDJA third, fourth and fifth graders this year, we are also hosting Chabad Hebrew Academy of San Diego students as part of the competition.

So far the 14 teams from the two schools have completed the first part of the Quick Fire Challenge. SDJA had 2 teams tie for the 1st    place in Novice division ( Molecule Masters and Mad Scientists),  1st and 2nd in Junior Varsity (MI Geeks and Legendary Electrons) and 2nd and 3rd in Varsity (Molecular Masters and Mini Einsteins). The teams who placed below 3rd came in very close in their score to the top placing teams, and definitely have a chance to make up the difference in the second part of Quick Fire on May 13th.

Coming up on February 26th the teams will come together again at SDJA gym to see who can launch an object the longest distance using a modified version of a catapult made from a kit. Each team made their own modifications and decided which object they will launch. The first catapults are already being tested at the school during lunch. The results of the launch will count for 50% of the total score. The remaining 50% will be awarded for the Catapult Report which the kids have already started working on at school. The report will include the teams’ findings on kinetic energy, momentum and average speed, as well as the changes they made to improve the catapult.

The final part of the competition will include the second Quick Fire Challenge on May 13th, and the Deconstruction Challenge on May 27th. This is our 4th Mission Innovation season and it promises to be a very exciting one. Special “thank you” to our MI coaches Mrs Feltman, Mrs Heyde and Mrs LaPlant!

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