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Egg-cellent Egg-Ventures This week’s edition by Yael Gurwitz and Lilly Rubin

  1. Starting a Business is Hard

One thing we have learned about the process of starting a business is that you need to start small.  Then later as you make money, you can expand. For example, we started our business with no money so we needed a loan. After we finally got the chickens, we were able to start coming up with fundraisers to make money, support our business, and maintain the care that is needed for the chickens.  Little by little we were able to expand and make our business better.

  1. Be Smart with Money

One thing we learned about why a business needs to have smart money management, is so you don’t go broke. We started with $1,000 and used all of the money on the chicken coop. The only problem was, we still needed the chickens, the hay, the feed, and much more. So, we had to figure out a way to raise money.  We didn’t manage our money well in the beginning, which made big problems for us later on. Luckily, we were able to fundraise the money so we could continue our business and make it grown.

  1. Organizing Jobs and Take Turns

We needed to delegate jobs and make sure that everyone felt like they were playing their part. We worked together and took turns with being chicken handlers and writing articles. Teamwork is very important and this opportunity helped us with working together and assigning jobs so that everyone felt involved.

  1. Marketing is Key

One reason marketing is key, is because you need people to know that your products egg-sist. One way we marketed our product was by making announcements at school, and doing the “Guess What Chicken” raffle. While writing this article and thinking about our marketing, we noticed that we should have handed out flyers to advertise our business to all SDJA families. If we did it again, we would use flyers to announce our business to the school.

  1. People Want to Hear Your Story

People want to hear your story because they may not be customers, but they may want to know what is going on in the business.  Why should people buy eggs from us versus the grocery store? Because of our story! We are fifth graders running a business, taking care of chickens, and selling eggs. The grocery store can’t beat that!

  1. Know Your Product

Epic Eggs needs to know about our product because it shows that we care.  Since we are knowledgeable about our product, we treat the chickens very well, they live in a happy environment, and they eat good and healthy food. Since the chickens now feel more comfortable in their environment they are laying more eggs. We also know that SDJA families care about organic and we want to provide organic to you.  Knowing our product and knowing what the customer wants is important to having a successful business.

  1. Be Honest

Being honest is a very important skill because, being honest with our customers helps them connect with us and helps them know what they’re getting and at what price.

  1. Communicate with Your Customers

Communication is important because it help bring people to your business. We need to communicate with our customers so that they know where to buy our eggs, when to buy our eggs, how much money to bring.

  1. Enjoy What You Do

Enjoying what you do is important because, you need to be committed to being a chicken handler. When we come to school and need to take care of the chickens, we are happy about it. Everyone wants to be a chicken handler because we care and want to be a part of the business. We all are egg-cited about our chickens and love Epic eggs.

  1. Community Involvement

Having our customers be involved is important because we want to   ensure that our customers know what is going on, like having our articles or having our Farm Stand. We want the SDJA community to be involved because it makes our business more fun and more successful! Remember to come join us for the Farm Stand, on June 5th in the SDJA garden, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m., we will be selling Epic Eggs and more!

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