Science Fair

After working on their Science Research Projects and Experiments beginning in September, many of our eighth grade students applied and had their projects accepted to the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. Over 600 students from across San Diego and Imperial counties, including 11 SDJA eighth graders, presented their projects to 400 judges at the fair in Balboa Park on March 13th. Our SDJA students took home a variety of awards at this fair, listed below. In addition to winning awards at the GSDSEF, our two first place award winners participated in the California Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles last week and have both been nominated to participate in the National Broadcom Masters Science Competition!


3rd Place Awards

  • Jesse Katz for his project “How Does Stress Affect our Everyday Life” (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Brenan Klein for his project “If You Know Hebrew, Can You Read Backwards Easier” (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Julia Schultz for her project “Does Priming Work” (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Dalia Gerson for her project “How Glucose Affects Plants” (Plant Sciences)


2nd Place Awards

  • Ella Gutman for her project “Eye Color Effect on Eyesight” (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Rebecca Mannor for her project “How Exercise Affects Reaction Time” (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Sammi Weiss for her project “How Music Affects Memory” (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Alex Wellman for her project “How Do We Process Reading the Best (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Giulianna Dondisch for her project “Which Age is More Likely to Cheat” (Behavioral and Social Science)

    • Giulianna also received an honorable mention award from the San Diego Psychological Association

1st Place Awards

  • Eduardo Pupko Ginsberg for his project “All for One or One for All” (Behavioral and Social Science)

  • Kelly Gan for her project “Natural Antibiotic Effects of Honey, Garlic, Lemon and Ginger against Escherichia Coli” (Microbiology)

  • Both Eduardo and Kelly participated in the California Science and Engineering Fair and have been nominated to participate in the National Broadcom Masters Science Competition


In addition to our middle school students, high school sophomore Jessie Gan, participated in the senior division of the GSDSEF, where she won first place in the Biochemistry Division, for her project “Using Bioinformatics Tools to Identify Epitopes in MMP-15, a Potential Lung Cancer Drug Target.  Jessie also received professional awards from the American Chemical Society, the San Diego County Pharmacists Association and a BD Professional Society Award (2nd Place).  In addition, Jessie participated in the California State Science Fair, where she won the LA BioMed Award for Excellence in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Jessie has been nominated to participate in the Broadcom Masters Science Competition.



Congratulations to all of our award winners, and a big THANK YOU to all of the parents, teachers, and students that supported our science students along the way!


Lily Deveau



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