SDJA was once again invited to participate in the CADENA Initiative. CADENA is a non-profit organization out of Mexico City dedicated to providing assistance in emergencies and natural disasters around the world. The CADENA Initiative is a contest of ideas where middle school children propose an “idea” that will help people who live in vulnerable communities, before, during, and after a natural disaster.


Rabbi Rock graciously shared his class time in 7th grade Judaica so the entire grade could participate. For two months, all the students worked on the development and initial prototype realization of an original idea that met the criterion and each team was able to successfully submit their ideas to CADENA.


There were a number of excellent projects but the team of Nate Neustadt and Cooper Lynch ultimately won for their “The Dog Floatation Device” and were invited to represent the SDJA and participate in the international competition in Mexico. Their inexpensive and quick to implement vest helps dogs float and survive a sudden flood and includes pockets and a water-activated light. 


Since their invitation, Nate and Cooper have been working diligently on the materials to present their idea as well as working on finishing a prototype to present in Mexico City on Sunday, May 19th.


Congratulations to Nate and Cooper!

Marc Muroff

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