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Teacher Appreciation Week: Acknowledgement and Appreciation

By Jordanna Rubin

In Kindergarten we learned many of the foundational lessons that we carry throughout our lives: share, clean up your mess, flush, take naps, watch for traffic, and say please and thank you. “Thank You” is an important pair of words but when it evolves into Appreciation and Acknowledgement it becomes a powerful tool of expressing gratitude.

To fully appreciate someone is to understand one’s contributions and express that you are grateful for them. How do we feel when we are genuinely understood, appreciated, and acknowledged? When we feel genuinely appreciate, it draws out the best in us.

This past week we acknowledged our appreciation of our teachers and staff through Teacher Appreciation week. You should note it’s not called Teacher Thank You Day, because that would not be enough. During the week, the PTO provided snacks, car washes, raffles, coffee, food and more food. By the numbers, the PTO gets the most volunteers for this event supporting the fact that SDJA parents appreciate and want to help acknowledge our teachers and staff.

We recognize that our teachers spend a significant amount of time with our students, challenging them, igniting their passions and preparing them for years to come.  On behalf of SDJA parents we acknowledge and appreciate all you provide and look forward to many more meaningful days with our children.

Jordanna Rubin

PTO President

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