By Max Jagolinzer

It’s Monday morning  and your mom just drove past all the beautiful plants. She drives over to the drop-off circle and you step out of the car and see Mrs. King greeting everyone. You start walking up the stairs which are super bright because the sun is shining down on them. This is everyday at SDJA, a place where there are specials classes, exciting events and awesome subjects.

There are many specials classes at SDJA. A few of the specials at SDJA are science, STEM and computer coding. Right now in science, we are learning about electricity. Recently we have been doing some labs. Lately in STEM, we have been learning about acid rain. In computer coding, we build cool robots. Another super cool special is physical education. In P.E., we have different units like Heath and Fitness. There is also art. My favorite part about art is that we always use different tools like oil pastels, paint and watercolors.

In addition to specials classes, we also study many different subjects at SDJA. In the morning, we learn Hebrew and Judaics. The subjects we learn in the middle of the day are math and social studies. In the last few weeks, we have been learning about the gold rush and the events from that time. In math right now we are learning about area and perimeter.

Sometimes if we finish our math early we can play Sumdog and Prodigy which are two really fun math games. Finally, there is language arts and reading which concludes our day at school. During language arts, we do grammar practice. Grammar practice is where we use the word five times in a short story and we use our grammar proofs to check our work. In reading groups, we work in small groups to read a book and write responses.

In conclusion, SDJA is a beautiful and welcoming place.   It is a great place to learn. The specials and subjects help prepare us for the rest of our lives    

That’s how we do it at GMLS SDJA!  

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