Mission Innovation

By Irene Lerner

Wednesday, May 15th marked the final challenge in a year long Mission Innovation Competition. The final event on Reverse Engineering took place at the SDJA gym and was the culmination of a design, research, and analysis challenge. The students were tasked with deconstructing an ordinary object (i.e. a stapler, mechanical pencil, hair dryer) and providing data on its structural analysis. The teams presented their finding to the judges during the Expo Day formatted similarly to a Science Fair. All judges noted that the kids spoke confidently, knew their material really well and took pride in their work that led to the Expo Day. We are very proud of all of our competitors! Way to go SDJA! Thank you to the judges: Jessika Fink, Kelley King, Maggie LaPlant, and Romi Neustadt for helping us with the final challenge. As always, thank you to the coaches: Judy Bird, Kobi Koffler, Elliot Scott, Carol Shwartzblatt, Heidi Silberstein, Shelley Feltman, Danielle Heyde and Dianne Shapp for all of their hard work and endless lunch time practices during the year.

Hannah Wolf and Neomi Koffler used a variety of methods to take apart a Mac Book Air.

Varstity division winners, Molecular Molecules, with their coach, Heidi Silberstein.

Gabrielle Scott and Hannah Wolf, two of the STEM Warriors, Junior Varsity division winners.

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