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Tikkun Olam in memory of Agam Levy z”l

The GMLS Kindness Committee, in collaboration with Morah Gvira and the Yad ‘b Yad Committee, is sponsoring a Tikkun Olam project. Agam Levy z”l was the niece of Shani Abed. Agam, along with nine other young adults, was tragically killed in a flash flood in Israel during her training program for the IDF. Agam was exceptional in all that she accomplished in her young life, including her work to help others in need. She was a leader in her local community youth movement called “Bnei Moshavim.” One summer, she was a volunteer teacher in South Africa. Last summer, she worked with children with disabilities in Vietnam. Therefore, there is no better way to honor Agam’s memory than to help others. The “Lake of Love” Tikkun Olam project collects clothing and school supplies for children in need. Check your closets and drawers now and be ready to drop off items starting this week. Please see the flyer for additional information and thank you in advance for helping us to honor Agam.

Agam_Levy tikkun olam

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