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Egg-cellent Egg-Ventures This week’s edition by Jonah Swartzberg and Isabella Gross

In this week’s article from Eggcellent Eggventures, we will be talking about our recent sales and interviewing our new chicken handlers.

Our new amazing chicken handlers are Sam, Kayla, Dean, and Jamie. We interviewed the chicken handlers this week to get an update from the students who are most hands-on with the chickens. Kayla says, “the chickens are making two to three eggs each day.” This is great because it means we are averaging about 18 eggs a week. At that rate, we are able to package and sell about a dozen and a half eggs each week.  Remember, Epic Eggs sells in portions of half dozen, which means that we’re distributing eggs to three SDJA families each week.

We know they’re laying eggs, but how are the chickens really doing? Dean said, “the chickens are growing up so fast. So, more eggs are being made.” The bigger and more mature our chickens get, the more eggs they will produce. During our interview, Sam added, “the chickens are very happy, which means more fresh and organic eggs.” We’re really trying to keep the chickens happy by keeping a clean coop and making sure they have plenty of food and water.  We’re still saving up our money for a tent to give them some shade.

How do the eggs taste? The families that have received eggs so far have loved them!  Jamie says, “the chickens are laying good and nutritious eggs” and our families agree. One thing our families have noticed is that the yolk of our eggs are orange. Darker yolks show that the chickens have a healthy diet so the yolk is darker because of the better nutrition.  Families are loving that our eggs are fresh. You receive your eggs within a week of when the chicken laid them.  How fresh is that? One family even said these are the best eggs they’ve had (and they’re not even egg people)!

What do you call twenty million eggs?

New Yolk City!

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