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Congratulations 1st grade teacher, Brooke Henriksen

Mrs. Henriksen was recently honored by the Greater San Diego Reading Association for excellence in teaching literacy. The “Award of Excellence” was presented during a special luncheon attended by some of the top classroom teachers and librarians in the county. We are proud to have Mrs. Henriksen represent our school. The following was read at the banquet:

Knowledgeable. Wise. Reflective. Strategic. Masterful. These are just a few words to describe first grade teacher, Brooke Henriksen. Brooke joined SDJA three years ago and immediately became a respected and trusted teacher leader. Her years of experience in teacher mentoring, in addition to her years of classroom teaching, have given Brooke professional wisdom well beyond her years. Brooke has provided multiple workshops for her colleagues in all areas of literacy assessment and instruction and has been instrumental in the development of literacy benchmarks and overall best practice in reading and writing, especially in the primary grades.  

Congratulations Brooke!

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