Egg-cellent Egg-ventures

This week’s edition by Sofia Feldman and Isabella Theodorakos

Epic Eggs has been very busy this past week and we’d like to share what’s new in the coop.

First, we have egg-cepted four new members to our school…chickens! Their names are Autumn, Zebbi, Coco, and Sunny.

Epic Eggs has also been busy applying for and deciding on our jobs. We have chicken handlers, a marketing committee, financing committee and a sales committee. The first job is chicken handler. This means taking full responsibility of the chickens and the coop. In order to get the job, you had to write an essay about your egg-sperience with chickens and why you were most qualified for the position. The marketing committee is in charge of making a bimonthly newsletter, advertising, and creating flyers. The financing committee will handle our sales and keep track of our books.  They’ll keep a constant record of all the money spent and received.  The last committee is the sales committee which handles packaging and delivering the eggs to families. All the students in fifth grade will get a job and we’ll rotate responsibilities every few weeks.

In case you missed it, at the Purim Carnival we started a lottery to guess when the first egg will arrive! For one dollar, students and parents got to cast their vote to guess which chicken will lay an egg first and which day the first egg will arrive. The winner will receive a free half dozen of eggs! Stay tuned for an announcement about this egg-citing event!

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