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Tech is the New Cool: A Field Trip to Sony

By Alex Lerner, Spencer Foss, Sabrina Feldman, Nadine Schwarzblat, and Gaby Douek


Welcome to Sony! Here you can pursue your dream of being an engineer, a financial accountant, a software designer and so much more. When we,  6th-grade math honors students, went to Sony on March 19th, we were immersed in the Kando (which is a Japanese word meaning spirit) spirit of Sony and the many different jobs that the company had to offer. At Sony, we got to experience the life of a financial accountant, a marketing agent, and many different kinds of engineers that we learned about in different groups.


There were many different types of technology from a robot dog to electronic legos and there were many other gadgets to try out. Soon Aibo, a robotic puppy, will be coming to stores near you, and you can buy a new robot-companion. We got to meet Aibo when we visited Sony and played with him, but we also learned how the new Aibo can remember and make decisions. For example, if two people bought Aibo, by the end of the day the two Aibos would be different because they would learn who their owner is and develop feelings toward that person.


During our field trip we were given a budget and different expenses and payments. These were used to model a real-life scenario. We had to calculate the amount of money we had, and how much money we were spending and gaining. We learned about profit and revenue, while also learning how to price a product.  



The world of marketing is much more interesting than it seems, and just like finances, there are many components. Steps for marketing vary based on the product you’re trying to sell, and there always has to be a hook to catch your attention. When you’re given a product, the only way you can sell is by getting the word out. You have to think about who you’re selling to, why you’re selling, and what software or stores offer your products. Based on that, you continue to spread the word about new academic achievements, and as weird as it might sound, try and get major influencers (people with many followers) to let people know that this new product is available. Posts on many famous sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, helps, and leaving a call to action for the readers is sure to make sales skyrocket.  


The third group we visited was engineering. We learned about all of the different types of engineers, and even attempted to sort out which engineers would be used to make the one and only Aibo. Thanks to them and their special expertise we were able to create a fictional draft plan for Aibo.  Many different types of engineers come into play when making items like Aibo or other ones that are technology based. Our class would have never thought that there would be so many different types of engineers each with a different specialty, when it came to designing, modeling, creating and producing technology-based items that move our world forward.

Last Reflections on our Journey

In conclusion, we learned so much about Sony. We are so grateful to be able to experience all of these different jobs. Special thanks to Mrs. Dolinka, Morah Shani, and Kwaku Aning for making all of this possible.

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