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Challenged Athletes & Jogathon

By Nicole Ludwig, Gabrielle Hazan and Tonia Cohen

We are so excited about the wonderful support of the Jogathon and our partnership with Challenged Athletes Foundation this year. So far, we have had two incredible events at the school and raised over $12,000 and look forward to our third event, the Jogathon on April 11th in which we will be awarding a grant for a young student with cerebral palsy who has asked for a racing wheelchair to be able to “run” like his sister and all his friends.  

We hope all our families can join us on this special morning, as our students and families have done such an incredible job fundraising and would love for them to see where the funds will go and how they have touched and will change this student’s life and many others!

On February 28th, SDJA and the PTO hosted our first annual Celebration of Abilities in partnership with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF).  The event was a huge success due to the incredible engagement of the students who participated in a series of fun and engaging activities designed to teach them about living with a physical challenge, as well as our fantastic challenged athlete speaker, Megan Blunk- an incredible and inspiring wheelchair basketball player who shared some wonderful messages with our children. The students were asked to reflect on the morning by sharing their thoughts through writing and the pieces were truly so incredible and meaningful and we hope to share these with our families.

On March 25th, we hosted a Challenged Athlete Speaker assembly with co-founder of CAF Bob Babbit and guest speaker Alex Ruiz, who was recently granted a running prosthetic leg from CAF and quarterback of New Orleans Saints Drew Brees.  The kids were so impressive and had hundreds of questions and showed such respect and admiration for this young individual.

Families, please come join the fun! Our Jogathon is on April 11th at the following times:

8:45am-9:15am – Grades K-2 – Running

9:15am-9:30am – Grades K-5  – CAF presentation

9:35-10:05am – Grades 3-5 – Running

Keep up the wonderful work and Kol Hakavod on helping us make this event so special for our students!  They are helping change lives and learning so much more about adversity and life beyond their own.

For your convenience, here are each class’ fundraising page:

KA – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_KA

KB – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_KB

1A – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_1A

1B- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_1B

2A – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_2A

2B- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_2B

3A – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_3A

3B – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_3B

4A- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_4A

4B- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_4B

5A- http://support.challengedatheltes.org/goto/SDJA_5A

5B http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_5B

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