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World Peace Games: Interviews with the Prime Ministers By Galia Dondisch & Sarah Datnow

World Peace Games is a fun way to learn about how the world works and how to solve problems together.  In the game, our classes are divided into eight groups: the four countries, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Arms- Dealers. There are 22 pre-set crises that we need to solve by working together, being creative, and thinking critically.

For this week’s column, we interviewed the Prime Ministers from each class to get their perspective on how the game is going.

Salomon Garber, the Prime Minister of Wakanda said “My favorite part of World Peace Games is declarations when we all get to declare the progress we made that game day.” Salo also added that “I like my job, but world peace can be hard depending on who you’re negotiating and working with.”

Daniella Hazan is the Prime Minister of The Golden Nation. Daniella’s  favorite part is “making negotiations and helping my country, but making peace is sometimes difficult.”

Jack Silberstein, the Prime Minister of “The Four Levels,” loves his job and working with his team. Jack says, “It is hard to make peace, but I still love playing the game!”

Kate Effress, the Prime Minister of Little Pangea, loves her role as leader of a country. Kate says her favorite part of the games is “Being able to make declarations and negotiations with people so everyone’s needs are fulfilled and everyone is happy. I look forward to playing each week!”

Sabrina Feldman is the Prime minister of The Atlantics.  Sabrina said, “Negotiating and dealing with other countries is my favorite part of the game. Depending on the crisis, it can be really hard to solve and create peace.”

Max Pollak is the Prime Minister of New Eco. His favorite part of Peace Games is making declarations and negotiating. He likes his job and enjoys playing World Peace Games. For him, creating world peace is not hard.

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