Goings On in the Math Dept

Noah Katcher and Jessie Gan were co-presenters with Mrs. Schneid at the SDCIPSN conference on Monday, March 11. The title of their session was Sharing High School Passions through Team Teaching. Under the guidance of Mrs. Schneid, Jessie and Noah team taught a middle school elective focused on their passion, origami. Jessie and Noah did a fantastic job during the conference presentation. SDJA is so proud of them!


Several sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math students participated in a challenging, hands-on workshop called, Engineers Teaching Algebra, led by Mark Love. Students were tasked with developing a safe, accurate, and efficient plan to optimize the flow of traffic at a signalized intersection. Students experienced a deeper appreciation for the math they are currently learning, specifically how it could be used for safety at intersections which is relevant to their everyday lives. 

Kristine Schneid

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