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SDJA Mission Innovation teams race to victory! By Irene Lerner

If you missed the mousetrap car races on Wednesday night in the gym, you missed a whole lot of fun and excitement! SDJA, Chabad, Del Mar Pines, Soille and La Jolla Country Day third, fourth and fifth graders faced off to see how far their mousetrap cars could travel.

Here are the results:


Novice Division: SDJA teams The Hackers and Science Engineering Ninjas took home gold and silver medals racing again twelve teams. Junior Varsity Division: SDJA’s 5th Element took Silver competing with ten other teams.

Varsity Division: Gold, Silver and Bronze were claimed by three SDJA teams, The Big Bang, Atoms Up, and Science Geeks.

I’m very proud of all of our kids. They all worked really hard putting their cars and reports together, willingly gave up many lunch recesses and they all showed excellent sportsmanship at the event.

In the next two months we have two more events left.

  • On April 25th, we will hold the second half of the “Quick Fire Challenge.” So far, SDJA is leading solid in all divisions in this event. We will try to keep the momentum going and practice the overall science trivia with the kids during Friday lunches at school.

  • On May 16th, we will have the last event of the year, called “Reverse Engineering Challenge.” This event is a simulation of a Science Fair experience during which the kids present to the judges their findings on function and design of different parts of any household appliance or object which they took apart. This is a very fun challenge which allows the kids to smash to smithereens toasters, blow dryers and more with an objective to learn material science first hand. Go SDJA!

Come join the fun at 5pm in the SDJA gymnasium at one or both of our upcoming events!

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