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Passover Seder with Holocaust Survivors by Ariela Berkstein

The 5th grade Passover Seder with survivors was held on Thursday. As they were walking out, I had the pleasure to hear their comments and see their faces.  They were so thankful and happy and this is what they said:

  • G-D bless this school

  • The kids are so lovely

  • The kids are so nice and sweet

  • The kids are so respectful, they just want to find ways to help you

  • This school is wonderful, it is teaching them Judaism

It is beautiful to hear our kids are well behaved, respectful, attentive and appreciative.

Thank you Shani and all 5th grade teachers for this unique experience you provide for our students, survivors and parents.  The students get to learn so much and experience a unique moment, the survivors feel honored, respected, appreciated and loved.  And the parents get emotional, they all walk away with tears and confident in knowing SDJA is helping shape their student’s Jewish identity and memory!

As we all realize, this program will sadly last only a few more years, as survivors are getting older and there are fewer of them every day. But I know our SDJA kids who have had the opportunity to share this experience will look back on it one day and realize what a true gift SDJA has given them.

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