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Taxes in 5th Grade By Sabrina Feldman & Daniella Hazan

In 5th grade, we are studying the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.  We’re learning about how King George lll realized that he could make money off the colonies and pay off his war debt by taxing them.

To demonstrate how unfair and upset the colonists were by this, the fifth graders were each given money (30 pounds each).  Throughout the week, we have had to pay taxes to Queen Heyde and Queen Dolinka!

For example, there is the Stamp Act, which means we pay for anything printed that we use. Any piece of paper! We learned about the Quartering Act so we need to keep a plastic soldier on us at all times. If we don’t have our soldier, we get taxed! We even get taxed to use the bathroom!

We decided to interview some students to see how they felt about the taxes in fifth grade. Nadine Schwarzblat said, “I feel like it’s all for a reason, and now we have a better understanding of what the colonists felt when they were taxed. I feel like it’s also not fair, especially the bathroom tax!”  

Ari Rosenthal said, “The first two taxes were okay, but the most recent taxes are just downright unfair. I definitely think we should rebel or boycott the taxes.” Ari is in full disagreement with Queen Heyde.

This has been a good exercise for all of the 5th graders. It has helped us understand how the colonists felt. It’s really nice to see the different perspectives everyone has too because that’s what happened during Colonial times.  Some colonists, called Loyalists, didn’t mind the taxes, while others were very angered by them. In fifth grade, some students are very angered by the taxes while others don’t mind too much.

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