Jogathon Shenanigans

We are so excited to go live with our SDJA/CAF Fundraising pages and to start fundraising for our Jogathon which will be held on April 11th.

Each week, the class that is in the lead will get a fun prize, as follows (we’ll calibrate to account for differences in class size so it’s fair):

Week 1: Ice cream party

Week 2: Dress down Day

Week 3: Pizza Party

Week 4: Favorite Jersey/Sports Team Dress to School Day

Final Prize: Field trip to CAF and Pizza party

You will also be able to create a page for your son/daughter so your family and friends can donate directly to your child. Please see the attached directions to create your own page and, if you would like, there are also directions on how to personalize it!  Donors will also have the option to donate directly to the class page as well.

KA – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_KA

KB – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_KB

1A – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_1A

1B- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_1B

2A – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_2A

2B- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_2B

3A – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_3A

3B – http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_3B

4A- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_4A

4B- http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_4B

5A- http://support.challengedatheltes.org/goto/SDJA_5A

5B http://support.challengedathletes.org/goto/SDJA_5B


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