By design, the MUS academic year and in particular the daily program is a robust and very active learning environment. The full benefit of an SDJA education can only be realized when students fully commit to the vast opportunities for learning on campus.  Ours is not an educational space that is conducive to being absent from campus as learning is not only contained to the classroom but also in pod, community time, Minyan, clubs and co-curricular programming. Medical and family emergencies are part of life and sometimes absences are unavoidable, but we are asking for your help.  Please partner with us to ensure your child is fully engaged in their learning at SDJA by attending school every day.

With the exception of Tuesdays, the MUS academic day begins at 8:00am every morning and ends at 3:20. On Tuesdays class begins at 8:20. It is important for your child to be in their classroom at that time to hear the morning announcements about the day’s happenings, meeting information and check in with his/her teacher.

Timeliness: Being late to class disrupts the learning environment for your child and does not demonstrate the type of engagement with school that we expect of SDJA students.

One of the many benefits of an SDJA education is community. The relationship forged over time between teacher and student and coach and student is the bedrock that the educational process is nestled. This can only occur when students are present – both intellectually and physically. The gift of an SDJA education should be cherish and we hope that with your help your child is present everyday so they can fully engage in their learning and prepare for life.

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