Students and faculty agree that this year’s Purim celebrations made for the “best day ever!” It’s easy, when plans go so well, to forget that there were any plans at all. Thursday’s activities were conducted with so much enthusiasm that they felt almost spontaneous; the feeling of “this is exactly what Purim should be!” was palpable throughout the day. And yet, the Purim festivities were the culmination of weeks and even months of hard work at every level of our community: students, parents, faculty, and administration all worked incredibly hard to guarantee the success of the various programs throughout the day.

As part of a new Hidden Hamantaschen program, every student created a Purim basket for an assigned secret buddy, thus fulfilling the mitzvah of mishloach manot as a community. Judaic studies faculty re-designed our Megillah-reading offerings to include a traditional reading complete with groggers and the drowning out of Haman’s name, an insightful high school discussion of the broader themes of the holiday, and an engaging middle school drama activity. High school students practiced for their annual Powderpuff football tournament in the days leading up to it–and the class of 2018 celebrated their third straight championship title! Faculty rehearsed to pull off a memorable performance of “Don’t Stop Believin’: A Purim Parody Song.” Middle school Student Government re-invisioned the Purim costume contest, which inspired advisories collaborate on themed costumes and musical performances to match them. The senior class continued the hilarious tradition of imitating teachers in their Purim spiel video, which featured a surprising plot twist involving SDJA’s beloved Juan Suaste. Taking into account feedback from middle school students, parents, and teachers, SDJA administrators worked with the PTO and other parent volunteers to expand the SDJA carnival. Middle school students enjoyed everything the carnival had to offer, including thrilling rides, delicious snacks, and an epic foam party. Thanks to everyone who helped make this the most memorable Purim in years.


Click here to view the MUS Purim Slide Show:  https://youtu.be/C1TQiUDISmg

Lauren Dolinka and Jeremy Toren

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