As we wrap up the school year, we look back and reflect on the successes and failures.  With reflection comes the excitement of what is possible in the years to come and an appreciation for what has led us to this point.  This past year we have had multiple programs and athletes continue to raise the bar in our athletic program and the banquet this spring was a way for us to honor their hard work and to continue to build on the tradition of SDJA athletics.


Follow this link for a high school team highlight video for 2018/19, highlighting three of our programs and their exceptional seasons: https://youtu.be/tJRmeD9cF1A


End of the Year Athletic Award Winners


Golden Lion Award (3 sport athletes)

Alexander Galicot, Rena Novom, Rebecca Roytman, Annabelle Simble, Joseph Galiot, Jack Hanlon, Jordan Sherr, Gabriel Dorenbaum, Ella Diamond, Mia Hansen, Rachel Kornberg, Ilan Leisorek, Samuel Trakman, Devin Marcus, Kevin Qin, Eitan Breziner


Iron Lion Award

Rachel Kornberg


Female Athlete of The Year

Mia Hansen


Male Athlete of The Year

Sion Memun


International Player of The Year

Kevin Qin


Perseverance Award

Girls Varsity Soccer Team 2018-19


Leadership Award

Joshua Nachassi

Click here to view a video about Josh’s journey to becoming a leader:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh2AjQCS-XE



This spring we inducted the first class into the SDJA Athletic Hall of Fame.  Inductees are listed below.


Alison Adelman- Softball 2004-2008

Drew Ferris- Football 2009-2011

Michael Fagan- Baseball 2007-2010

Glenn Doshay- Coach 2006-2016

Stephen Shoemaker- Coach 2005-2017

Charlie Wund- Athletic Director/Coach 2006-2010

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