Tikuun Olam

On May 25, grades 6-8 engaged in a Tikkun Olam project, run by 7th grade student, Bella Silberstein. For Bella’s bat mitzvah project, she decided to design and run a fundraiser for an all-girls orphanage in Israel called Lev LaLev. Truthfully, this is far more than a “project” for Bella.  Bella was 9 years old when she first learned about Lev Lalev (Heart to Heart), and has raised money and led many projects over the years to help and give back.

Last Friday, the middle school students spent their EXCSEL time, making candles (for Bella to sell and donate all proceeds to Lev Lalev) and writing letters of encouragement to the girls who live in the orphanage.  It was so touching to see all of the students fully engaged in such a meaningful project.  Thank you Bella Silberstein for taking initiative and making the World a better place.

For 54 years, Lev Lalev has provided girls with a safe, warm and loving home. The orphanage takes infants to late teenagers whose parents have been killed in terrorist attacks or war and provides individualized therapy, mentoring and tutoring to enable girls to grow past their traumatic histories and “develop into well-adjusted, self-sufficient and productive citizens of Israel.”


To learn more or give back like Bella, visit Levlalev.com.


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