Math Matters

Students in Geometry and Geometry Honors created “limited edition” souvenirs of famous places around the world and once again showed why Math Matters.  They used various math concepts, such as similar figures, dilations, scale factors, proportions, dimensional analysis, Pythagorean Theorem, and surface area, they have studied in class to bring their visions to life.  The souvenirs had to be meaningful, original, and multi-purpose or functional.  Some examples of souvenirs were a working clock (Pyramid of Teotihuacan), an operational rocket with a parachute (Washington Monument), a pizza cutter with a 3-D printed handle (Tower of Pisa), a wall mounted key holder (Kotel), a flashing light with Israeli colors (Louvre), and an origami kit (Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel built by Israeli architect, Moshe Safdie).  Tuesday in class students delivered persuasive presentations for why their “limited edition” souvenir should be chosen as the winner of the 2018 Limited Edition Souvenir contest.  A panel of faculty judges will select the winner in the next few days.  Ninth grader, Jessie Gan, created a short video on YouTube (click here to watch), providing you with a more in-depth look at the souvenir project and of her sentimental and innovative souvenir, Fold Marina Bay Sands.  Jessie says she finally has a souvenir of Marina Bay Sands Hotel as they didn’t have any she could take home when she visited in December!  Jessie concluded her Marina Bay Sands origami souvenir presentation by saying, “If you build your own, you feel it is your own innovation.”

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