Tikkun Olam

By Isabel Vann

On May 23, my sister, 2 cousins, and I presented a special project that we created together to the patient care team and many nurses at Moores Cancer Center at UCSD. This project was inspired by my uncle who was diagnosed with cancer in February. As a way to comfort their dad at his treatment appointments, my cousins made a hand sewn pillow for him to take with him.  Just to make sure the pillow was extra special, my cousins each wrote a special note and stuffed it inside… And that was the first pillow that was Stuffed with Love, our project.

Fast forward a week, over lunch my sister and I heard about the pillow and we all realized that my uncle was not alone. We thought that these pillows could bring lots of smiles and comfort to other people sitting through long treatments and appointments.  My two cousins, my sister Sasha and I decided right then to bring these pillows to other patients at Moores Cancer Center at UCSD. We got right to work! Yards of fabric, pounds of stuffing, two tired sewing machines, and many handwritten, heart-shaped messages with words of inspiration and love and Stuffed with Love was born.

At that presentation, we delivered over 150 pillows to be given to patients.  After one week they were gone! We have continued sewing and will be delivering more pillows on June 10.  We are so happy to know that our pillows are comforting people going through a tough time. We plan to keep sewing and delivering comfort and love to patients.

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