Todah Rabah from the PTO

Over the last few weeks I have been asked by many of you, “How did you like being the PTO Chair?” Without hesitation I can say that it has been truly amazing. The reason I can say so, with a smile on my face, is because of the entire PTO board, the numerous parent volunteers, and SDJA staff. The PTO is not just one person; it is a team and the backbone of our SDJA community.

And so my last message of the year is to you all: Thank You, Todah Rabah.

To the entire PTO team:

Orly Perez (Vice Chair) – thank you for the never-ending hours of Box Tops and working in partnership with our room parents.

Trish Handler (Treasurer)- thank you for keeping us on budget and processing all our reimbursements while juggling a Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Jessica Pollak (Communications) – thank you for getting the word out on all our events, taking meeting minutes, and answering my emails at all times of the day.

Clarice Barrelet and Tonia Cohn (Social Chairs) – thank you for endless program checklists and for bringing fun and excitement to our social events.

Yael Abudi and Carrie Land (Holiday Chairs) – thank you for infusing the Jewish spirit into our holiday events and always saying we’ll get it done.

To all the room parents: Jessica Fink, Tamara Klein, Andi Toker, Joanna Dubbeldam, Judy Bird, Jami Rosenthal, Clarice Barrelet, Ileana Katzenelson, Cindy Friedman, Colette Seymann, Belinda Feldman, Melissa Gilbert and Carrie Land – Thank you for bringing our families together and building a stronger SDJA community.

And finally, to all of you who have cut fruit, manned a cash register, served food, cleaned up, coordinated donation drives, organized events, setup tables, gave advice, came up with ideas, and planned late into the night, we appreciate all you have done. Thank You!

It’s remarkable to look back and see everything that was accomplished by all of us this year. Check it out by clicking here.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Jordanna Rubin

PTO Chair


PTO Calendar: https://www.sdja.com/gmls-pto-calendar/

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