Ms. Shappy is Super Happy!

Next year, I am super happy to be taking on a new role here at SDJA! Many of you know that I was the computer teacher here for eleven of my 16 years. I have presented at conferences in the EdTech industry on Global Collaboration, EdTech, and Design. A few years ago, I attended an entrepreneurship conference at Steve Blank’s house in northern California and have implemented what I learned with the 5th graders. Fifth graders worked closely with the Campus Master Plan committee and Design team to identify a problem here on campus and create a prototype to solve it. With my extensive professional development in all things STEM, innovation and entrepreneurship, I am elated to be on the team to develop the CIET, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking. Kwaku Aning, the Director of the CIET, an MUS teacher, our IT man Chris and I will team up to develop the Center. My responsibility will be to focus on bringing innovative, exciting programs and opportunities to our K-5 students. I already have a long list of ideas and opportunities lined up (but first I must wait for Kwaku.)

Have no fear! While we are planning and developing the Center, I will be in the classroom teaching Project Lead the Way to K and 1st graders, STEM to 3rd graders, Computer Science classes to K-5, Robotics to 5th and taking on administration and logistics for Mission Innovation. I am excited to work closely with Irene Lerner and continue to hold the STEM program up to the high standards that Irene has set thus far.

This summer, while you are all relaxing and enjoying family time, I will begin this next exciting chapter of my life at SDJA. I look forward to welcoming Kwaku and sharing with him all the wonderful achievements, programs, and projects that have shaped our school over the years. Mostly I am excited to show Kwaku how terrific are our faculty, staff, parents and most of all, our students!  I am humbled, honored and grateful to be able to do what I love to do which is to Challenge Minds, Inspire Purpose, and Explore Possibilities. Happy Shappy is happier than ever!

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