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Eggcellent Egg-Ventures Written by: Collaboratively written by the students of 5A and 5B

10 Things We’ve Learned About Chickens

  1. Different chickens lay different color eggs

It was a huge surprise to us to learn that chickens lay different color eggs. For example, Araucanas chickens lay blue eggs and an Olive Egger chicken lays green eggs.  Our chickens lay brown eggs, green eggs, blue eggs and white eggs.

  1. Chickens have a strict diet

Chickens have a strict diet and need to avoid certain foods. For example, apple seeds are not good for chickens. Chickens love to eat apples, but you need to be sure they avoid the seeds.  Sugar is also bad for chickens. Just like too much sugar is bad for humans, too much sugar can cause your chickens to be overweight leading to a drop in egg production. Eating too many onions can be bad for chickens too because in large quantities onions can cause anemia and sometimes it can be fatal.

  1. Chickens are smart enough to stop eating when full

There are some animals that cannot control themselves and will continually eat. But like humans, chickens know when to stop eating. This can be useful because you can put a lot of food in the coop and not worry that the chickens will eat it all right away. You don’t need to keep feeding them over and over. This makes it easy for us on weekends to leave food for the chickens and not have to worry that it’ll all be gone and they’ll get sick.

  1. There are different types of yolks.

When you go to the supermarket to buy eggs, you probably always get yellow yolk. But that’s not always the case. You see, most of the eggs from the supermarket usually come from big businesses, which don’t always keep all their chickens healthy because they have lots of customers and they need to work fast to produce a lot of eggs. But with Epic Eggs, the story is different. We take care of our chickens to ensure they’re healthy and happy.  With our chickens being so healthy they actually have a different color yolk in their eggs. The yolks are orange! Orange yolks indicate that the chickens have a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Yellow yolks indicate that chickens are just eating wheat and barley which is probably cheaper for big companies than green healthy plants. Did you know that they’re different shades of yellow and orange eggs? A deep orange yolk means the egg is from pasture-raised hens and trained hens. Since the chickens are healthy when laying orange yolk eggs, the orange yolk eggs are actually healthier for you.

  1. Unwashed eggs do not need to be refrigerated

Unwashed eggs do not need to be refrigerated because the eggs have a protective layer, called Bloom, which keeps the eggs fresh. When the bloom is washed away the egg needs to be refrigerated. Before packaging our eggs, we go over the eggs with a cloth to get all the dirt off, but still keep the eggs bloom on.  This means our Epic Egg are fresh until you get them home.

  1. Chickens Remember You!

Did you know that chickens can remember up to 100 faces? If you feed them, treat them well and continue a relationship with them, they will remember your face.  Repeated exposure to the chickens will help them remember you and want to be around you more. They’ll even follow you around and become attached to you.

  1. Chickens have different personalities

            As we’ve watched our chickens mature and grow, we’ve noticed their different personalities emerge.  Autumn is our shy chicken. She keeps more to herself and stays in the corner while students are near the coop. Coco is friendly and warm like hot cocoa. She loves to be around people and warms up to them quickly. Who knew chickens were so different? We certainly didn’t!

  1. Chickens feel comfortable laying eggs where there are already eggs

How do chickens know where to lay their first egg? Many times when people are training chickens to lay eggs, people place fake eggs or even golf balls in the nest. This is how chickens become comfortable with where they lay their eggs. This will not train the chickens unless you place the fake egg or golf ball in a place where the chickens feel safe, such as the nest boxes in coop and not the run. Does this really work? Yes! It worked for us! Interestingly enough, the color of the golf ball or fake egg does not matter. The golf ball or fake egg may be white, but as we learned chickens don’t always lay white eggs. So as long the object is something that resembles the egg this trick will work.

  1. Chickens love to play

Like us, chickens love to play.  Even if you think the toys are boring, it might be entertaining for them. One thing they like to play with is tiny kid safe mirrors, that might interest them for a while. Another thing they play with is peanut butter rings. If you coat a ring with peanut butter and hang it at the top of the coop with string, the chicken will peck at the ring. Chickens even play with piñatas sometimes! Chickens can sometimes peck at each other, so as a distraction you can give chickens toys and they’ll be very happy.

  1. Chickens are very private when laying eggs

Chickens don’t like to be disturbed while laying eggs because they need to concentrate, they are protective, and they dislike humans around when laying. Even though we get excited when there are eggs in the next box and want to see if there’s more, we need to give the chickens their space. So if you see our chickens laying eggs in the coop, do not disturb!

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