Pre-registration Thoughts

With the conclusion of the first semester last week and the upcoming registration process for 2018.19, there is a lot of reflecting and planning occurring in the upper school. In addition to course planning for registration, the faculty has been engaging in workshops concerning stress and anxiety and student engagement. The students just finished their first semester’s work and have begun contemplating their academic program for next year. It’s a complex time of the year for upper school students as the academic expectations continue simultaneously with planning for the future.


The uncomfortableness of the learning process coupled with the robust student life at SDJA is sometimes disconcerting for students. The challenging academic program at SDJA is intentionally designed so students learn to grapple with new and ever complex topics in the classroom while learning to develop the skills to flourish in a world that is anything but routine. In a recent group chat with fellow upper school leaders, a good friend of mine pondered if schools are actually becoming counter-cultural. The technology enhanced society we enjoy makes many aspects of daily life streamlined and easy. Education on the other hand is dedicated to challenging students to grow and think. The process of learning and growing has never been streamlined or easy no matter how technologically advance society becomes. 

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