Book Fair Fun

One of the most exciting few days of the school year is our Annual Book Fair. We are very lucky to have had Karin Zell and Natalie Josephson as co-chairs of the Book Fair for three years now. They start a year in advance working with the vendor to secure dates, consider book selections, pick themes, and plan the marketing and scheduling. In addition to Karin and Natalie, we are fortunate to have many moms and dads coming in to volunteer during the Book Fair itself. Literally, we could not pull this off without the help of parent volunteers – so we are grateful beyond measure.

Not only does the Book Fair get kids jazzed about reading, but we get to add great new books to our classroom libraries. Many other items, such as child-size furniture, book shelves and classroom materials have also been purchased with the proceeds from the Book Fair. It’s a win-win all around for us.

Please join us in thanking the parent volunteers who joined us during the Fair: Lidor Shuster, Stacy Varon, Jeff Weinstein, Ian Merles, Lindy Rinkey, Nadene Zack, Jordanna Rubin, Loren Traub, Clarice Barrelet, Lynn Swartzberg, Amy Feferman, Cindy Friedman, Bonnie Mauser, Jessica Fink, Robby Foss, Lexi Meyerowitz, Tara Gilman, Jami Rosenthal, Lindy Benson and Sharone Oren…..

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