Financial Literacy

GMLS students start early to learn about personal finance and the world of business! Just this past week, 2nd graders had an economics lesson co-taught by parents Lindy Benson (who is also an MUS teacher of Economics) and Sonia Steinway. The second graders’ economics unit focuses on learning about different businesses in a community. Students are exploring production methods through a simulation game, and they are learning about taxes, decision making and how money flows in an economy.

In first grade, students will be learning about needs and wants and exploring the ways that families plan for and acquire goods and services. Third graders will be learning about characteristics of cities, the importance of economic exchange and how people and businesses manage their money. Fourth graders learn about how entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods and services, including fundamental tasks performed by a business owner and how to track revenue and expenses.

Earlier in the school year, fifth graders learned how to operate banks, manage restaurants, write checks and participate in their civic duties through a 13-week BizTown experience. Currently, the fifth graders are preparing to launch their “Epic Eggs” business in which they will care for hens, and then package and sell the eggs. They have been hard at work preparing the area in the garden and then gathered today at school to assemble the chicken coop. More news to come on this exciting initiative!!

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