Aunt B shares her story

This week, the fifth graders had an incredibly special opportunity to listen to a Holocaust survivor speak. Bea Karp (known as “Aunt B”) is the great-great-aunt of 2nd grader Myles Cohn and 3rd grader Elia Cohn. We were joined by many members of the Cohn family to hear her story.

Aunt B has made it her life work to educate students all over the country about the Holocaust so that events like the Holocaust will never happen again. Her story was touching on so many levels, including how her father’s teachings helped her stay mentally strong and stay true to her Jewish identity. Aunt B wove together history and her childhood memories in a way that kept our fifth graders hanging on her every word.

We truly thank Aunt B and the Cohn family for making this incredible learning experience possible for our students. If you would like to read Aunt B’s story, you can do so here. Thanks to Jeremy Cohn, we will have a video of Aunt B’s speech available soon so that everyone can hear her incredibly important and powerful story.

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