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Upcoming High School Student Life Events

EMBRACE A FAMILY/SAFE PARKING PROGRAM:  Over the past few months, the 9th and 10th grade class have been working with the TIkkun Olam Committee on planning and organizing a dinner for unsheltered families and individuals participating in the Safe Parking Program. The Safe Parking Program serves families and individuals who are living in the cares and whom have most recently found themselves homeless for the first time.  Jewish Family Services provides a gated lot for these families to park at night, and indoor space for dinners and other activities, as well as indoor showers.  What the 9th and 10th grade students decided to do, was to plan, cook, and serve dinner to 60 people! The first evening this will take place will be on February 7th.



Winter pep rally for all winter sports will take place on February 4th, during community time. 


Nicole Trotta

High School Student Life Coordinator

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