AP Spanish – Students have delved into fascinating topics through several individual and group projects. We have discussed wide-ranging topics from the impact of social media on teenagers to the beauty and aesthetics of Antoni Gaudi’s work. We are continuing to do mini-workshops to target specific challenges, such as accents, verbs followed by prepositions, the subjunctive verb tense, etc. Students have also taken a full-length practice AP test, as well as several other diagnostic tests for reading, listening, writing, and speaking proficiency.


In levels 3 and 4, we have focused on expanding the vocabulary of students through activities, games and projects. In Spanish 3, students researched and presented their favorite food (kosher) from a Spanish-speaking country and prepared the food item to share with the class. In Spanish 4, students researched their favorite celebrity from a Spanish-speaking country, wrote a love-poem, critiqued a Spanish short-film, and worked on spelling skills.


In Spanish 1 and 2, students have worked tirelessly to create class-stories. In Spanish 1, we focused on increasing confidence in speaking through intense listening and modeling, and have moved into reading and writing. The students recently created their own full-length stories verbally and in writing – the basis was the story of “The little boy who cried wolf” which created many opportunities to move around, allowing students to become part of the story as actors and have a lot of fun in the process!


In Spanish 2, we focused on learning about traveling and students created their own travel materials, such as a ticket, boarding pass, and their own stories. We are currently involved in talking about the past. Students have also completed a deep learning of grammar fundamentals through GoFormative, an online flipped-learning platform that allows students to work at their own pace towards mastery, while receiving feedback instantaneously and through my comments on their work. Students also had the opportunity to evaluate their learning as well as the relevance of the material to their lives, and the results are very encouraging.


Cris Pacheco

MUS Spanish Teacher

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