Magen David Adom: During class recently, I received an emergency call for help from Magen David Adom, the Israeli Red Cross. It was during the “hot” days on the border of Gaza, which includes our sister city, Shaar Hanegev. I was so taken by this call for help, that I shared it with the students. On the spot, they “dug” into their pockets and donated!


In less than a week, we collected 300$ and sent in the donation to Israel.


In our Ulpan Or program we continue to expand the mastery of speaking Hebrew by our students. Through a very interactive online platform seamlessly connected vibrant classroom dialogue, our students grow their vocabulary, skills in grammar, watch videos, play games, act out dialogues, and read articles in Hebrew. Through these multiple methods and a supportive classroom: We are having “Kef” (fun) while building confidence in speaking Hebrew!


In order to practice reading, the kids read articles from the E-Tone section of the program. They then record themselves and email it to the teacher. The kids are also creating their own games to learn the new words. SDJA students are so creative and engaged in their approach to learning the language. It is wonderful to see Matching Game, Monopoly Board games, online games and much more that the students produce.


Edna Yedid

Hebrew Department Chair

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