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Guidance Counseling Update

Guidance Lessons

New Podcast Episode!  https://anchor.fm/sdjapodcast

Check out our amazing second graders in our latest  SDJA Mindful Moment Podcast! This awesome communication tool will help our students teach YOU –their parents and our school community- about the social emotional tools they are learning in class. Featuring second grade students on our private podcast channel (only available to those with the following  link), our third episode highlights a conflict resolution framework called Kelso’s Choices.  This is a curriculum which helps kids to differentiate between small and big problems, and identify choices to help use to approach small problems independently.

2A and 2B each have their own episode this month, featuring every single one of our first grade students! Listen to the episode with your child to hear their voice! 


Parent Education Opportunities

We are continuing to build our SDJA parent community with programs that create opportunities to connect, learn, and grow. We hope to see you this month: 

Thursday January 30, 2020, 8:20-9:20 am, Mindful and Conscious Parenting Series for K-12 parents, Moadon.

Wednesday February 5th, 8:05-9:05, 3rd -5th Grade Parent Coffee with the Counselor; Topic – Stress and Resilience through Expressive Arts and Physical Activity 

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