Egg-cellent Egg-ventures

A New Weekly Column from 5th grade

This week’s edition is brought to you by Josh Edelstein & Kayla Scott

What came first the chicken or the egg? For Epic Eggs, it’s the chickens!

Fifth graders have been learning about business, so what better way to learn about it than to create your own? We decided to create an egg business called Epic Eggs. We will be selling eggs from our chickens that are organically fed and raised and lay their eggs here on campus! SDJA invested in our company just like other businesses have investors. The fifth graders meet every Wednesday at lunch to discuss how our business is going and determine next steps.

Just this past Sunday a chicken coop magically appeared in Levana’s Garden! The 5th graders, with the help of the teachers and parents, assembled a chicken coop so we can get our business rolling. Preparation for the coop took a lot of work. First, we flattened the ground with water. It was basically like quicksand. Josh even lost his shoe in there!  The next step was building the coop where the main ambassadors of this business will eat, sleep, and be raised. The coop is now complete and will guarantee the chickens have a comfortable place to live.

What this experience has taught us so far is how to start a business, how you need teamwork to be successful, and all about chickens and their needs.

How does a chicken leave the house? Through the eggs-it!

Epic Eggs signing off until next time.

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