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MS Science Fair By Lily Deveau

Our eighth grade students have been hard at work since September on their Science Research Projects and Experiments. The process began with brainstorming science experiment ideas that each students was interested in, and over the next several months, they researched their topics at length to learn about the science behind their proposed experiments. They then designed and performed these experiments, gathered data, and analyzed their results in graphs and tables. At the SDJA Science Fair, held on January 23rd, each student had the opportunity to discuss the results of their research and experiments with members of the local science community. Student experiments ranged from testing the effects of natural antibiotics on E. coli bacteria, to learning how weight affects friction in ice hockey, to discovering whether or not reading Hebrew makes it easier to read backwards. All eighth grade students will be submitting their projects for consideration for entrance into the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair in March. Well done eighth graders!

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