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Israel Week Re-Cap by Shani Abed

This week, SDJA celebrated Israel week.  Having a strong commitment to Israel also translates into a deeper understanding of Jews as a people and greater identification with Jews from communities around the world. Throughout this past week, all of our classes were engaged in deeper learning across the curriculum about Israel.  Our teachers used big enduring understanding ideas in order to create wonderful lesson plans for our students, for example:

  • Israel is a democratic and multicultural society that serves as the homeland for Am Yisrael.

  • Cultivating a personal connection to Israel can be a significant component of one’s Jewish identity.

  • Israeli citizens live daily lives that are similar to our own (They are normal people in an abnormal situation).

  • 4,000 years of history have influenced the formation of the complex society that is the modern state of Israel.

  • The creation of the state of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history.

  • The State of Israel was founded on the belief that Jews have a right to an independent state.

  • Israel is a disproportionately prominent contributor to the global community.

One of the highlights of the week was our classroom visits by Sha’ar Hanegev delegation of high school students from Israel. They engaged our kids with some unique activities related to art, music, theatre and film.  In addition, the students were all engaged in different learning modalities such as, research, art, dancing, cooking, writing, singing, skyping with Israeli students, videotaping, playing Israeli games at PE, and so much more.  Israel week became our SDJA tradition and we are already looking forward to celebrate Israel 70th birthday in Yom Ha’atzmaut in few months.

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