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World Peace Games By Danielle Heyde

It is with great excitement that we announce the start of the World Peace Games! World Peace Games is another curriculum component specific to fifth grade that supports and works alongside our entrepreneurial studies.  World Peace Games is a geopolitical game that encourages students to explore world problems including poverty, war, religious tensions, and natural disasters.

Through this real-world simulation, our students develop creative problem-solving skills, empathy, critical thinking strategies, and learn the importance of collaboration.  Negotiations and agreements are a daily part of World Peace Games. Students also develop their business mindset by learning about revenue and expenses while keeping track of their national budget. Students prioritize their business needs and weigh those needs against the effects on their countries/team.

This week, students were introduced to the many crises they will need to solve and assigned their jobs. Students will act as Prime Minister, Secretary of State, CFO, United Nations Ambassador, World Bank President and much more. Though we just began our first week of the World Peace Games, we look forward to sharing the students’ progress in the weeks to come.


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