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SPRING IS COMING! By Jordanna Rubin, PTO President

Growing up in Miami, Florida, weather reports have always been an important part of daily routines. It was never a matter of “will it rain,” but “when will it rain and how heavy?” With the invention of smartphones and weather apps, it just couldn’t get any better. I now know when the rain will start within minutes and when the sun will come out again. My family is always prepared with their required gear for the day: umbrella, jacket, hat, boots, sunscreen – Check!

Now that we live in San Diego, we don’t get much variety. My weather app doesn’t see much use. Except for the few days when we get our much needed rain in the winter. And boy has it been raining. But today the sun is shining and I can almost catch the smell of spring in the air. I know we have several more weeks before spring officially starts, but our spring season for PTO events is about to kick off. We’ll be learning, exercising, celebrating, community bonding and more!  

Forget Winter- Spring is Coming!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events: (and get in touch if you’d like to help volunteer!)


2/28 Celebration Day of Abilities

3/25 Challenged Athletes Foundation speaker


March 21 – Purim Carnival

May 13 – Teacher Appreciation Week


2/9/19 – Parents game night

2/24/19 – Class bowling night

Grade 5:

5/9/19 – Pool party at JCC

6/14/19 – Aloha sendoff

Upcoming PTO Meetings:

February 22 (Building A Board Room)

March 22

May 3

May 17


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