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Shukathon By Gvira Abed and Shira Shaffer

Last summer, we had the amazing opportunity to study at the Legacy Heritage Teachers Institute (LHTI) in Jerusalem. Together, we created a plan to create a “Shukaton” – an authentic Israeli Shuk (market) with middle school and lower school students at SDJA. During our stay in Israel, we planned how to execute the project with support from the LHTI team. Upon returning to school in August, we both started to work on the project with our K-2 students and middle / upper school students. So far, the Shukaton experience is a major success. About twice a month, the K-2 students from Morah Gvira’s classes meet with their friends from Morah Shira’s upper school classes, and they plan together an authentic Israeli Shuk. The students plan different stations where they will interact, speak in Hebrew, play Hebrew games, and purchase different items.The entire school will enjoy the Shuk during our Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration activities on May 9th. When we interviewed them to find out how they are benefiting from this experience, students said that it helps them improve their Hebrew skills, their collaboration skills, and that it strengthens their connection to Israel. We also love to see our GMLS students forming friendships with their MUS buddies.

Stay tuned for more details about the Shukathon and how you can come join the fun.

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