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Mission Innovation By Irene Lerner

Tensions were running high on Wednesday night when 14 SDJA teams came together at the gym to compete in the Mousetrap Car Races. The cars were powered by a mouse trap as a motor, and the judges required a report with measurements and scaled drawings to be completed prior to the race.

As the Novice division competitors took their places on the track, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams were still making last minutes changes and repairs. Although there were a few collisions and mishaps, most of the cars ran great races. The kids and the parents definitely appreciated a wide variety of modifications to the basic car kit that was on display. Aside from getting to build, test and race the cars, the students learned the basics of aerodynamics, kinetic energy, momentum, and average speed.

The highest scoring teams in the Novice division were Contagious Intelligence and Electric Molecules, in JV division the top two spots were taken by Electric Atoms and STEM Warriors, while the Varsity division wins belonged to Molecular Masters, and Mad Atoms.

The remaining two challenges of the Mission Innovation Competition are Quick Fire Part II on March 27th, and Deconstruction Challenge taking place on May 15th.

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