Senior Luncheon

Last week at our Senior Luncheon, the guest speaker was Mr. Glenn Doshay. Mr. Doshay has three sons, all of whom graduated from SDJA; was a long time teacher in the MUS teaching AP Econ, Journalism, and Speech and Debate; and also the Head Varsity Baseball Coach for 10 seasons. The theme of the senior luncheons are – “What I Wish I knew when I was 17.” Amongst the many reflections Mr. Doshay shared with the seniors, two are powerful pieces of advice for all MUS students and concepts that are cornerstones in independent schools like SDJA – Be Patient, and Learn to Think First then Fill your Tool Box with Skills.


In this era of a technology enhanced world, patience is on the wain. 24/7 real time news, web-based retail, and global interconnectivity are some of the disruptive innovations that have changed our lives. With all the benefits of technology, some aspects of the human condition need time. Learning needs time and patience. Although we can book our winter break flights, hotels, dinner reservations etc. online in a matter of minutes; learning to write a well-researched, thoughtful and articulate essay for example, demands patience.


Possessing the ability to use a tool like online research platforms is vital, however, understanding that data and how and why to use it is quite different. Content acquisition and understanding, pondering, synthesizing, challenging paradigms and vetting is thinking.


Think and be patient.

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