Science By Dr. Cheryl Eisen

SDJA science students are learning what it is like to be scientists, by doing science in and out of the classroom.  We are providing students with opportunities to explore science beyond the curriculum and to challenge themselves to solve real world problems.  


Ms. Pitzeks’ 6th grade students recently visited the San Dieguito lagoon where they collected and categorized trash.  They will be using their data as they design solutions to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans.  Students will be submitting their projects to the National Geographic Society’s GeoChallenge competition, “Tackling Plastics” in January 2019. 


Ms. Deveau’s 8th grade students are hard at work on their science fair projects, designing experiments to test their hypotheses, and collecting and analyzing data.  Experiments range from etching steel, to altering a plant’s growth, to observing group dynamics.  Students will present their projects at SDJA’s Science Fair on January 23, 2019 and will also submit them to the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair to be held in March 2019.


Mrs. Hofreiter’s Marine Science class is using maps created by NASA satellite technology to observe and analyze data including sea surface temperatures and the distribution of heat/energy by currents throughout the ocean.  Students are also developing their critical thinking skills by debating the value of keeping large marine mammals in captivity and analyzing the validity of evidence presented in the documentary Blackfish.


In Dr. Eisen’s Chemistry class, students are working on their LionScience projects where they are identifying real world problems and applying science, technology and engineering in developing solutions.  Problems being addressed range from athletes playing in challenging weather conditions, to cracked phone screens to locating and rescuing kidnapping victims.  As part of this project students are learning to see problems from different perspectives, empathize with others and provide feedback to one another.  Students will be presenting their LionScience projects at SDJA’s Showcase Night on January 24. 2019. 


Mr. Hagarman’s Physics/Engineering students have completed their Rube Goldberg projects and are about to embark on the Mouse Trap Car project.   Students will work in small groups to design a vehicle that is powered solely by the spring on a mouse trap.  Based on a set budget, students will order parts to build their cars.  From there, it will be a battle of wits as they use the concepts of simple machines, mechanical advantage, and efficiency to make the cars that can travel the farthest and fastest.


Science the SDJA way allows students to explore and challenge themselves.  They are collaborating, discussing, building, experimenting, and analyzing data.  They’re learning from their successes and their failures and they are enjoying the process.

Chemistry students providing group feedback


Rube Goldberg Project – Physics/Engineering:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ES32n3dQT0QNE9JAhHuF_eWyWzx77F1J/view?usp=sharing


6th Grade Field Trip to San Dieguito Lagoon

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