Arts By Tommy Collins

The middle school art and music electives just wrapped up the first trimester, and what a fun time it was!  In the music electives students learned how to play basic songs on the guitar, trombone, trumpet, piano, and drums and then performed for their peers.  Other students learned how to use GarageBand on their computers or iPads to create music.  The great thing about the Challenging Minds and Explorations elective courses is that the middle school students can discover new interests and explore their creativity by trying different classes, but also delve deeper into the discipline that interests them.  Some students take a different elective every trimester, while others take the same elective all three trimesters. 


In the High School Arts courses, students take their creativity to the next level.  In Advanced Music, students are studying a diverse range of styles from David Bowie to current modern composers like Ben Allison (here is a link to one of the songs we are learning https://youtu.be/4rgGymZZ8oA ).  In photography class, students are constantly sharing their photo projects with each other and constructively criticizing their work.  In all arts classes the students are actively “doing” most of the time.  They get their hands dirty, they make mistakes and learn from them, they are challenged and then feel a sense of accomplishment when they overcome those challenges.  The students also learn how to prepare for exhibitions and performances throughout the year, such as the Showcase Night coming up in January.  We hope to see you at one of these events in the future supporting the arts at SDJA!       


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