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Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

By Kelley King

We look forward to welcoming you to parent-teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Here are some ideas for being prepared to make the most of your parent-teacher conference:

  • Prepare questions in advance.  Is my child making expected growth? What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses? Is my child finishing the work assigned in class?  

  • If you have a specific topic or question that you wish to discuss at the conference, feel free to let the teacher know at the beginning of the conference..

  • Exchange information.  Let the teacher know about any situation at home that may affect your child’s schoolwork.

  • Take notes. Taking notes will help you remember what was discussed and what was agreed upon.

  • Start with a positive attitude.  You and the teacher are a team.  Positive comments such as “How can we solve this problem working together?” will be the first step in coming up with good solutions.

  • Discuss the whole child.  Your child’s social and emotional development are as important as academic success.  Include questions about your child’s interaction with other children and willingness to participate in class discussions.

Finally, remember that parent-teacher conferences represent only one opportunity to speak with your child’s teachers. We regularly meet with parents throughout the year whenever questions or the need arises. Don’t hesitate to drop any of us an email at any time if you would like to talk. We always enjoy partnering with you to provide your child with the very best.

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