Museum of Equity

By Candace Manor, Lauren Mathews & Jamie Boelens

Kindergarten may not be the first place you think of when you hear the words “equity” or “augmented reality” but those words came to life in Kindergarten’s recently debuted Museum of Equity. Throughout the first term, kindergarteners were learning about individuals who identified problems in their communities and created solutions to improve the lives of others. Our students then created mixed media portraits that included a symbol to represent the work of their chosen hero. Finally, students synthesized their learning by recording teaching videos in front of a green screen. With the help of Kwaku Aning and Alicia Johal from our own Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking, we used an augmented reality app to link the children’s videos to their portraits. 

This work does more than fulfill many of the Social Studies standards. Our five- and six-year-olds were thinking deeply about tikkun olam, building empathy for others, and seeing themselves as future agents of change. This type of learning challenges our children academically and inspires them to be mensches.

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